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Operating System That Is?

To run programs and applications contained on the computer needed an operating system. What actually is the operating system? The operating system is a system that needed to be able to run all application programs / software that are on your computer, such as MS-OFFICE, Maybe you've often heard that the operating system available today. Try to mention one of them! True, there is such thing as the Windows operating system, UNIX / LINUX, DOS, OS / 2. But this time we will discuss only one operating system is Windows operating system.

Various Windows Operating Systems

Operating System "Windows" is made by the Microsoft company located in the United States and led by Bill Gates. Why The operation system called "Windows"?. Perhaps because of that first appeared on the monitor screen when the computer is turned on is the picture like tiny windows. Well, the windows operating system has experienced some changes and improvements. In the past, end of year 1980 (beginning of year 1990 to 1994) is famous for the Windows 3.0 operating system, Windows 3.1.1 is known to generations of Windows 3.x, then experience the changes into the Windows 95 after Windows 98 (Windows 9.x), change longer a current Windows 2000 and Windows ME (Millennium Edition / Millennium Edition) is being widely used.

Windows is a series of up-grade (quality improvement) from Windows 98. In Windows ME has been included software to play digital music and video, the settings for the network at home and an easy fix from the possibility of damage to the system. In addition there is also the name "Windows NT", ie the operating system which is devoted to the local network.

Recently, Microsoft has introduced and launched the MS Windows and Office products to date. The product is called Windows XP and Office XP. XP stands for "experience". For in a personal computer (PC) Windows XP will provide video and sound facilities directly. Sophisticated right? So we continue to follow the development of information technology available today, maybe just a few months or next year will show a better operating system and sophisticated ...


Application SOFTWARE

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Is proprietary software or software packages are offered for sale, such as microsoft office, adobe photoshop, and others. Commercial software has a copyright is intellectual property so that the software may not be duplicated without permission from the copyright holder.
In fact the software does not sell their software to you but they sell lisensiatau permission from the company so that you can use. Software licenses require that you sign the contract that prohibits you reproduce the software or sell it back. Usually there are any posts in the agreement that states that you have the right to make copies for your own use.
This software is not copyright-protected so that it can be doubled every person who wills. The software of this type is usually funded by government from the tax donation to the author by the public.
Software is protected by copyright and may be distributed for free, but to continue the user, the customer must provide contributions in the form of money to pay for the cost of registration.
Is software that has a copyright and distributed for free on the internet. The reason for this free software for developers, among others: the wish to know the responses of consumers so that they can improve in the next version, for humanitarian or scientific purposes, or even want to benefit in other ways such as attracting visitors to the ads ads shown
Is where software users have to rent to the cost and can be downloaded at any time you want. This is the concept behind the application service providers or application service provider (ASP), ie the company renting the software.
THE pirated
Software is obtained illegally, such as a CD ROM video game loot. Pirated software can also be downloaded on the Internet or purchased at retail stores.
The tutorial is a book or program instructions that can help you learn through the use of the product step by step explanation. Tutorials are also packed in one package together with software.
Documentation is all the information that describe your product, including a guide or reference manual contains a description and a narrative description of an image software.
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computer science

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Computer science, or in the English language is called Computer Science, in general, defined as the science of learning both about the computer, the hardware (hardware) and software (software).
Computer science includes a variety of topics related to computers, as a discipline, Computer Science put more emphasis on computer programming, and software (software), while a computer engineering related to the more likely things such as computer hardware (hardware). However, the second term is often disalah-artikan by many orang.Ilmu Computers learn what can be done by some program, and what is not (komputabilitas and intelegensia-made), how the program should evaluate the results, how the program should store and retrieve bit of an information (data structures), and how programs and users to communicate (and user interface programming language).

Computer science stems from the electronics, mathematics and linguistics. In three decades of the 20th century, computer science has become a discipline and has developed a new method and the term itself.

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how to install acer

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Perhaps a little information will be helpful to the owner of Acer computer output in 2007 up to now. Meinstall Acer computer with the latest OS release of Windows Vista have a few differences to install the OS Windows XP. Nowadays the development of software has increased by the presence of the Windows Vista operating system features that serve a more complete

so that many users still tend to the Windows XP operating system that are considered simple, not extravagant memory, faster loading and other users who are reluctant to berlaih Windows Vista operating system.
The way before installing Windows XP, users must change the settings in the bios to the way the start-up user must be signed in by pressing del, F2. After the user is in a position bios / CMOS settings users search Raid or SATA (similar etc.) and then change into the HDD save the new settings and exit. User can now mengintall Windows XP on the Acer laptop latest output.

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